Governor Pritzker Visits Bourbonnais – Kankakee Podcast News – 06/07/24

Welcome to this week’s episode of Kankakee Podcast News, brought to you by the Alkebulan History Center in Kankakee, Meineke Car Care in Bourbonnais, and King Music in Bradley! Today, Friday, June 7th, 2024, we have some important stories to share:

  • Significant Court Sentencing: Hear about a major legal ruling in a 2018 child death case.
  • Dramatic Police Chase: Discover the details of a high-speed pursuit involving three juveniles in Bourbonnais.
  • Shocking Allegations: Learn about serious charges against employees at a local developmental center.
  • Controversial Book Assignment: A teacher’s dismissal over a book assigned to eighth-graders sparks discussion.
  • Local Business Closures: Two beloved businesses are shutting their doors—find out why.

Plus, updates on the QuikTrip project, Governor JB Pritzker’s visit, a new senior adult day center, and exciting upcoming events like the Bradley 315 Music Fest and Strawberry Jazz Festival.

Don’t miss out—listen to the full episode now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Stay informed with Kankakee Podcast News. Have a great weekend!

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