#153: Celebrating Self-Expression and Diversity with Miss Champagne X

Celebrating Self-Expression and Diversity with Miss Champagne X

Today, we’re celebrating diversity, self-expression, and the vibrant world of drag in our local community. Join us as we dive into the latest episode of the Kankakee Podcast, featuring the fabulous Miss Champagne X, a trailblazing genderfluid drag performer who’s making waves and bringing joy to the hearts of many.

Exploring Identity Through Drag

Miss Champagne X opens up about her journey of self-discovery and how drag has been a cornerstone of her gender expression. Initially intimidated by makeup, heels, and wigs, she now embraces these elements with confidence. “Drag has helped me accept and embrace myself while not being afraid of others’ judgment,” she shares, encouraging listeners to find their own truth by exploring and celebrating their identities through art.

Challenging the Status Quo

Standing at the forefront of social change, Miss Champagne X speaks passionately against the conservative political movements targeting LGBTQ individuals and drag performers. She believes that education is the key to understanding and acceptance. “Drag is appropriate for all audiences, including children, and it’s not just about sexualized adult content,” she asserts, emphasizing the importance of drag queen story hours in promoting diversity and teaching kids to be proud of who they are.

The Evolution of Miss Champagne X

From modern styles to embracing the glam of the 80s, Miss Champagne X’s drag persona has evolved, drawing inspiration from her mother’s 80s fashion and music. The renowned show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, has also played a significant role in her growth, with favorite queens like Willem Belli, Katya, Heklina, and Peaches Christ shaping her performance style. “Drag is about freedom of expression, gender, and art,” she explains.

Local Pride and the Resurgence of Drag

Miss Champagne X and host Matt Heading-Hess discuss the local LGBTQ+ scene, highlighting the revival of venues like Heroes and the support from businesses such as Electric Lady Lounge and Cafe Safari. Miss Champagne X expresses her excitement about the growing drag community in Kankakee and the increasing number of local pride events that make traveling to the city less necessary.

Family, Acceptance, and Support

Personal stories anchor this episode, as Miss Champagne X recounts her father’s support for her drag performances and the journey of gaining her family’s acceptance. Despite her brothers’ lack of support, her mother’s style inspired her drag career, and she cherishes her family’s growing understanding and acceptance. “My family’s acceptance has been a process, but I’m grateful for their support,” she reflects.

Be Unapologetically Yourself

In closing, Miss Champagne X leaves us with powerful advice: “Be unapologetically yourself and don’t conform to societal standards. Celebrate life and self-expression.” Her journey and insights remind us of the importance of authenticity and the joy of celebrating our true selves.

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Until next time, this is Jake LaMore, signing off with a heart full of local pride and a reminder to always embrace and celebrate who you are. Stay tuned for more amazing stories from the heart of Kankakee County!

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