#154: Celebrating Kankakee’s Music Talent with ES:Dubble

We’ve got a special treat for music lovers and nostalgia enthusiasts alike in our latest episode of the Kankakee Podcast. We’re diving deep into the budding hip-hop scene right here in Kankakee with none other than local musician ES:Dubble. Get ready for an episode filled with music, gaming nostalgia, and stories of inspiration and creativity!

The Outlier and Sci-Fi Vibes: Zach Tier’s Latest Sound

Our episode kicks off with discussing Zach Tier’s recent album, featuring a standout track called “The Outlier.” With its sci-fi vibe intertwined with classic rap roots, this song sets the scene for what’s to come in our lively conversation.

Holden’s R&B Groove and Community Collaboration

Next up, we spotlight Holden, an R&B artist under the label Reality Check Entertainment. Known for his smooth voice and bass skills, Holden joins us in a creative project—a cover for Blackstreet’s iconic “No Diggity.”

The Local Emerging Hip-Hop Showcase

Mark your calendars for June 22nd at Paradox Emporium! We’re organizing an epic hip-hop showcase, featuring local talents like AG Star and a nearby studio owner who’s both a producer and rapper. This event is our first big endeavor to provide a platform for artists to shine and share their latest creations.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Gaming Days

“When we talk about Donkey Kong Land on the Game Boy Advance, it’s like revisiting an old friend,” says ES:Dubble. Reminiscing about the original Game Boy’s size and durability, we even touch upon how one survived a war! Comparisons to the Super Nintendo’s two-player capabilities bring a rush of cherished memories.

The Paradox Emporium Awaits

Es:Dubble is set to co-headline an indie rap showcase with Zach Tier at Paradox Emporium. Anticipation is building as we discuss what to expect from this unique event and dive into Zach Tier’s impactful music.

Freestyle Beginnings and Leaderboard Success

Taking us back to 2017 with the Battle app, ES:Dubble recalls his journey from freestyle rapping to ranked success, even peaking at number eight among thousands of users. This experience was a springboard to more professional recording with a microphone and surrealistic artwork.

Influences: Weird Al Yankovic Meets Weirdcore

Inspired by the raw authenticity advocated by Nick Huffman, ES:Dubble’s “weirdcore” style transcends typical genre labels. Drawing from icons like Weird Al Yankovic, his music blends humor and depth, reflecting a complex tapestry of influences.

Musical Blends and Deep Inspirations

Drawing parallels to artists like Gorillaz, Oliver Tree, and Twenty One Pilots, we discuss tracks like “Bipolar,” inspired by eclectic blends. The emotional range continues with “Nostalgia,” a vivid recount of childhood trauma, and “Mania,” with nods to South Park.

Exclusive Merch & More

For fans, ES:Dubble offers physical copies of his album “Kaleidoscope” and hand-painted kaleidoscopes. You can also catch his music on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Follow his creative journey on Instagram for the latest updates.

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Until next time, this is Jake LaMore, signing off with a heart full of local pride and a reminder to always embrace and celebrate who you are. Stay tuned for more amazing stories from the heart of Kankakee County!

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