Episode 10: The Globetrotting Martin Sisters with Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall holding a picture of his great great aunts, Mable & Lula Martin. 

A few weeks ago I received a message on the Jake LaMore Facebook Page from a guy named, Ryan Hall. He told me how much he enjoyed listening to Kankakee Podcast and how he would love to share the story of his famous great great aunts, The Globetrotting Martin Sisters. I had never heard of them before! I did a quick Google search on the Martin sisters and the first thing I found was an article in The Daily Journal from 2018 written by, Jack Klasey. After I read the sentence in the article about how the sisters traveled to over 75 countries, I gave Ryan the green light to come onto the podcast to talk about his adventurous relatives. I live to hear stories like this about Kankakee County residents. Thanks for sending me that Facebook message and being on the podcast, Ryan!

Much Love,

Jake LaMore


Below are pictures, keepsakes, souvenirs, & YouTube vidoes of Mable & Lula Martin that Ryan was willing to share with me. 


YouTube Video of African Safari in 1953:

One response to “Episode 10: The Globetrotting Martin Sisters with Ryan Hall”

  1. Lula Martin was my geometry teacher at LBS.
    She loved to share her interesting travel stories!
    Aunt Sandee