Episode 9: Musa Man (Zion Ali)

Musa Man (Zion Ali) and Joe Martin

Left to Right: Musa Man (Zion Ali) and his good friend, Joe Martin.

I’ve always believed it’s super important to support local original music. As you can imagine, it’s extremely difficult to launch a successful career writing and performing songs for a living. It’s not impossible though as Musa Man, a.k.a. Zion Ali points out in today’s episode of Kankakee Podcast. His positivity radiated throughout the room as we sat and talked. It felt good to feel his drive and determination to reach the stars with his music and acting chops. 


Zion writes and releases his own music under the name, Musa Man. He just dropped a brand new feel good song called, “Got Me In A Dream”. His best friend, Joe Martin, helped him shoot the music video for it, which they filmed in downtown Kankakee.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/5-H_8ztf3I8 


Thanks for being on the podcast, Zion and Joe! I had a lot of fun talking with you both. I thoroughly believe both of you are going to achieve great things together. 


Much Love,

Jake LaMore