#119: Brian Prairie

In this episode of the Kankakee Podcast, Jake introduces Brian Prairie, Chief Creative Officer at Pathfinder. They explore Brian’s creative journey, from his small-town upbringing in Clifton, Illinois, to his college years at Columbia College in Chicago.

Brian traces his career path, from retail and wedding videography, to corporate infomercials and starting his own business, acquiring new skills along the way.

While Brian surely liked working on commercials more than retail, he still didn’t feel whole, which led him to establish Ravenspring Creative, where he contributed to the local community through videography, photography, and animation. Later, he, along with Jesse Erickson and others, formed Pathfinder.

This episode highlights Brian’s transition into a leadership role and his commitment to fostering growth within his team. It concludes with Brian’s passion for storytelling and his aspirations for future creative projects, encapsulating his remarkable creative journey.

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About Our Guest

After college, Brian Prairie navigated career uncertainty, struggling to find his creative niche. A pivotal moment arrived when he realized that true professional fulfillment could only come from pursuing his passion for creative work.

This realization set the stage for his entrepreneurial journey, which included founding Ravenspring Creative in the early 2010s. Brian’s venture into videography, photography, and animation allowed him to actively contribute to his community by supporting local businesses.

Today, Brian is a co-founder of Pathfinder, a dynamic full-service creative and marketing agency in Kankakee County. Pathfinder, born from a merger of several businesses, embodies Brian’s vision of empowering employees and businesses to excel in their unique strengths.

In addition to his role at Pathfinder, Brian co-hosts the Level Up Leadership Podcasts. His inspiring journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of following one’s creative passions while enriching the local community.

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