#118: Celia Carr

Not everyone can say the beginning of their life started with a police escort to the hospital. Celia Carr can though! It’s the classic story of a couple speeding in their car to get to the hospital to give birth to their child. The couple gets pulled over by the cops. The officer learns of the expectant mother’s condition and decides to escort the couple to the hospital instead of writing them a ticket.

Born and raised in Kankakee County, Carr is known for many things. You might know her as the pastor’s daughter, former Teen Coordinator at the Kankakee Public Library, or as a songwriter under the name, Lady G. Whatever it is that you know Celia for, you know just how passionate she is about making a positive impact on our community.

Like most of us, life hasn’t always been easy for Celia. One of the biggest challenges she’s had to overcome was admitting to her extremely religious parents that she is attracted to women.

We dive into that story and so much more with the multi-talented Celia Carr on this episode of Kankakee Podcast!

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About Our Guest

Celia is a talented film editor, and writer, and has a melodious voice. She was born and raised in Kankakee County. With her family history and background in music, Celia  effortlessly balances her artistic pursuits with being a loving and dedicated mother of four. Celia has played several crucial roles in our community, one of them being the former Teen Coordinator at the Kankakee Public Library. She was given the “Citizen Spotlight Award” by the local paper for her outstanding work. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Celia discussed the impact of TikTok on her work. She is a shining example of passion, determination, and the limitless possibilities that come with embracing one’s multifaceted talents. Even in the midst of her downfalls, she still finds a positive way to press and succeed. Celia’s main goal is to always be an example of how to be a light amongst others.

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