#120: From Screenplays to Nightmares: Gregory M. Thompson’s Writing Odyssey

On this Kankakee Podcast episode, Kankakee County’s own Gregory Thompson joins host Jake for a captivating conversation. They dive into Gregory’s background, growing up in Kankakee County, and of course discuss his work in creative writing.

Jake and Gregory dig into Gregory’s passion for storytelling, which was in part inspired by reading Stephen King’s works. He recalls challenging himself to rewrite “Cujo” which ended up serving as a pivotal moment, as it sparked his love for crafting stories. They explore Gregory’s beginnings in screenwriting, his collaboration with Pathfinder’s own Brian Prairie making sketches, and how he determines the right medium for each story. 

Gregory also touches on some of his novels, particularly Nightcry and The Golden Door, providing insights into their origins. The discussion highlights Gregory’s writing process, emphasizing the importance of getting the first draft down before editing. Aspiring writers will find valuable advice, and the podcast ends with a glimpse of Gregory’s upcoming projects.

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About Our Guest

Gregory M. Thompson is an experienced writer in horror, science fiction, and fantasy. He got his start in screenwriting but shifted to fiction and comic writing in the early 2000s, while still occasionally returning to screenplays.

Influenced by great authors like Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway, and Scott Snyder, Gregory’s work can be found in publications like Aphelion Webzine, Concisely, Midwest Literary Review, and various anthologies. His novels include Nightcry, The Golden Door, the Horde Trilogy, Indiscriminate, and My Only One.

Gregory is also involved in comics and has successfully crowdfunded his horror comic, “Lilacs.” When not writing, he enjoys football, horror board games, and biking. He lives in Illinois with his wife and two sons and often participates in events and conventions, where he makes an impact in the world of speculative fiction.

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