#108: Retiring From The Ring – Erik Olson

In this episode of the Kankakee Podcast, Erik Olson joins Jake to share his remarkable life story leading up to his final wrestling match with Southland Championship Wrestling. Erik’s passion for wrestling was ignited during his childhood as he avidly watched WCW and NWA matches on Saturday mornings. In 1999, he ventured into the wrestling world through the WWA, a local promotion. Following the WWA’s closure in the early 2000s, Olson took it upon himself to mentor aspiring wrestlers in his community, some of whom went on to successful careers in the field. But Erik’s journey extends far beyond the realm of wrestling. Influenced by his parents, he developed a strong work ethic that has been the cornerstone of his fulfilling life. He met his wife, Dawn, around the time he was stepping away from wrestling and started a family.

Erik goes on to tell the story of how, after years away from the business, he helped found Southland Championship Wrestling, where he primarily played a manager character, The Keeper Erik Edwards. However, life threw challenges his way, and Erik faced years of neck pain, eventually leading to surgery. Remarkably, the surgery provided relief and rekindled his desire to wrestle. Inspired in part by a Make-a-Wish news segment featuring WWE wrestlers, Erik returned to the ring with a new persona: BaneX, a fervent advocate for children battling illnesses. Later on, he introduced another character, Odinson The Berserker. While his last match was a few days ago, Erik remains dedicated to supporting Southland Championship Wrestling behind the scenes, contributing to marketing and social media efforts.

Southland Championship Wrestling has always been committed to giving back to the community, partnering with charitable organizations like Adopt a Soldier and Project Headspace and Timing. They can be found on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, reflecting Erik’s passion for brightening people’s days and making a positive impact on people’s lives.

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About Erik Olson

Erik Olson’s wrestling journey began in September 1999 with the World Wrestling Association (WWA) until the fall of 2003. He formed various tag teams and later co-founded Southland Championship Wrestling in April 2013, managing wrestlers as The Keeper Erik Edwards. Later he wrestled as BaneX, a character that advocated for childhood cancer awareness while managing other wrestlers. Erik evolved further, forming The Patriots of Hope and later the Alliance of Hope tag teams. Recently, he retired the BaneX gimmick and embraced his Norwegian heritage, wrestling as Odinson The Berserker. Throughout his remarkable 11-year journey, Erik’s dedication to wrestling and his family has remained a testament to his enduring spirit.

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