#107: Theodis Pace, Kankakee NAACP – A Community For Change

Theodis Pace sits down with Jake in this episode of the Kankakee Podcast to discuss a wide range of topics. Theodis takes us on a journey through his life, beginning in Georgia, moving to Indiana, before heading back to Georgia for college. Pace says this experience across the country forms the bedrock of his perspective as he delves into his multifaceted involvement within the Kankakee Community.

Drawing upon current events, Theodis relates them to the context of Kankakee. He shares his approach to effectively navigate the community, positioning himself as a valuable resource for individuals. An essential element of Theodis’s success lies in his remarkable ability to connect and communicate with a vast number of people, fostering a network that he skillfully employs to drive meaningful change.

Throughout the episode, Theodis sheds light on his pivotal roles as Chairman of the Kankakee Chapter of the NAACP, his devoted 47 years with the Eastside Bulldogs, his active engagement with the Kankakee School District, and more.

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About Theodis

Theodis Pace began his life in Georgia before moving to Indiana and graduating from Roosevelt High School. After high school, he headed back to Georgia to earn a degree from Lane College, before eventually moving back to Indiana to pursue a masters degree from Purdue.

A long time resident of Kankakee, Theodis serves as the chairman of the Kankakee chapter of the NAACP, where he works tirelessly as a resource for the community. With a passion for empowering the younger generation, he has dedicated an impressive 47 years to the Eastside Bulldogs, serving as a mentor and coach.

Through his various endeavors, Theodis has become a respected figure in his community. His leadership, passion, and commitment to creating positive change have made him an influential role model, inspiring others to follow in his footsteps and work towards a better society.

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