#109: The All In Show – Hollywood Harwell & Broke Dusty

In this episode of The Kankakee Podcast, Jake welcomes Hollywood Harwell and Broke Dusty, hosts of The All In Show. They kick off with humorous banter, discussing the backstory of their show and how it came into existence. Sharing nostalgic memories of growing up in Kankakee, they delve into personal experiences that shaped their perspectives. From life after high school to their passion for networking and showcasing talents, the conversation is filled with captivating stories.

As the episode progresses, they touch on the unique aspects of The All In Show and the wide range of topics they cover. They recount memorable episodes, some filled with hilarious conversations, while others feature more serious discussion. Hollywood and Broke Dusty also talk about their individual roles in the podcast, emphasizing their dedication to making Kankakee a better place by highlighting its incredible people.

With entertaining anecdotes and a genuine desire to promote the positivity of Kankakee County, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in to discover the dynamic duo behind The All In Show, which is available on various platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, and Facebook.

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About Our Guests

Meet Hollywood Harwell and Broke Dusty, the dynamic duo behind The All In Show. Hollywood Harwell, a multi-talented native of Kankakee, is an artist and thought-provoking communicator. Through visual and audio art, he offers an engaging, respectful platform to explore controversial topics and personal stories. With a passion for safe and informed discussions, Hollywood Harwell fearlessly brings necessary perspectives to modern dialogue, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional notions.

The other half of the show, Broke Dusty, wears many hats – from DJ and music producer to creative writer and tutor. As a co-creator and host of The All In Show, he adds a unique flair to the podcast’s dynamic discussions. With a motivational spirit and entrepreneurial drive, Broke Dusty uplifts others, showcasing talents and making a positive impact on the community.

Together, Hollywood Harwell and Broke Dusty create an electrifying podcast that celebrates Kankakee, fosters insightful conversations, and shines a spotlight on the extraordinary people within the community. Their dedication to showcasing talents and uplifting voices make The All In Show a must-listen.


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