#103: Meet Pathfinder


Kankakee Podcast is now a part of Pathfinder! In this episode, Jake sits down with Katherine Henson, Brian Prairie, Logan Miller, and Jesse Erickson to discuss Kankakee Podcast’s acquisition by Pathfinder.

Each member of the Pathfinder team outlines their respective role and explains how they apply to the growth of The Kankakee Podcast. With this new partnership, The Kankakee Podcast hopes to expand its reach and invite even more people to come on the podcast and share their stories.

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Learn more about Pathfinder at https://www.yourpathfinder.io/.


Jake LaMore has been the host of multiple podcasts, including Bangarang Radio, Pop-Punk & Pizza, and, most recently, The Kankakee Podcast. Born and raised in Kankakee County, LaMore was interested in media since childhood, and attended the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, now called the Illinois Media School. 

He started his first podcast, Bangarang Radio, and found the medium to be rewarding. However, after a few years, Jake decided to narrow his focus. Calling upon his experience as a musician, he started Pop-Punk & Pizza, a music podcast. Later, remembering his grandmother’s stories about Kankakee County, Jake launched The Kankakee Podcast. Beginning in 2021, the podcast has steadily grown and serves to document Kankakee County’s history past, present and future. 

Jake lives in Kankakee County and now works as a Podcast Developer for Pathfinder.