Episode 7: The Inception of Kankakee County

High-angle view of downtown Kankakee, taken from the City National Bank building (at Court & Schuyler). View is to southeast, toward Kankakee County Courthouse. Probably taken between 1912 and 1920. Photo provided by the Kankakee County Museum.

I’m excited to celebrate “Kankakee Day” for the very first time! I don’t believe I’ve ever celebrated this important day in our county’s history before. It might just be the first time for you as well.

It was on this very same day in 1853 that Kankakee Depot was chosen as the county seat. Hence why we call it, “Kankakee Day”. Executive Director, Veronica Featherston and Research Coordinator, Jorie Walters, of the Kankakee County Museum join us to celebrate this historic day. Jorie is also giving a special presentation at the museum today starting at 1pm.

KankakeeDay.com is also another great resource to find ways to celebrate this special day.

Much Love,

Jake LaMore


One response to “Episode 7: The Inception of Kankakee County”

  1. Jake-

    I love your podcast! I have a tremendous soft spot in my heart for Kankakee (its actually tattooed on my arm) and for her history. On your “Kankakee Day” podcast, I heard you mention you would like to do a separate podcast on Emory Cobb. Emory Cobb was one of the principal founders of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Kankakee, where I attended for 4 years while I was a student at Olivet. I actually did my senior thesis on the history of St. Paul’s, from its founding to the present-day. I have found many interesting anecdotes and stories about Emory Cobb through my membership and historical research of St. Paul’s. I currently am living in Michigan, but will be heading to Wisconsin next month to attend seminary to be an Episcopal priest. I would be honored to help or point you in any direction or provide some fun information on Emory Cobb. Looking forward to hearing from you!