Episode 21: Todd Hazelrigg

Todd Hazelrigg

Kankakee County is home to so many incredibly talented singer-songwriters. I was lucky enough to get one of them, Lupe Carroll, to write the theme song for Kankakee Podcast. If Lupe turned me down or for some reason wasn’t an option, I would have asked, Todd Hazelrigg, in a heartbeat. Thankfully, Todd isn’t sore at me for not asking him first and was happy to be a guest on the podcast to share his story. It turns out Todd was born in Wilmington, but credits the Kankakee area for crafting his musical style. His original song, “Kankakee”, proves that. Todd actually performs the song for us on this episode. Please enjoy!

Thanks for being on, Todd!

Much Love,

Jake LaMore