BONUS EP: Converge Conference

Focusing on community and connections, that’s what the annual Converge Conference is all about! This interactive leadership conference will happen Friday, October 13th, 2023 inside the former Love’s Bookstore building on South Schuyler Avenue in Kankakee.

Dr. Jeff Williamson of Converge joins us on this bonus episode of Kankakee Podcast to give us all the details about what to expect at this year’s conference.

The Converge Conference will not only include local keynote speakers and panels, but also breakout sessions that will take the content discussed and provide ways to immediately put it into action.

Building stronger community and connections will take place through:
+ Creating ideas and products together
+ Focusing on community and what helps it grow
+ Discussing how we can be a part of building something new and better
+ Identifying “next steps” for personal and organizational growth

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About Converge

Converge provides professional & leadership development, executive coaching, and consulting services.

If after listening to this episode you find yourself craving more conversations on being a leader, check out Jeff’s podcast that he co-hosts with Pathfinder’s Brian Prairie called, Leadership Level Up. It’s available wherever podcasts are found or at

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