BONUS: Under the Sea with KVTA: A Look at the ‘Finding Nemo Jr.’ Production

Hello to all our listeners in Kankakee County and far-reaching friends! In today’s splash into the Kankakee Podcast, we dive deep into an ocean of talent, nostalgia, and theatrical magic with our very own hometown actors. We’re talking about the much-anticipated stage adaptation of a Pixar classic that has found its way into the hearts of our community: “Finding Nemo Jr.

Theater Under the Sea: KVTA’s “Finding Nemo Jr.”

The stars of the show, Lupe and Courtney Stevens, bring vibrant life to the characters we’ve all come to cherish from “Finding Nemo.” Chloe, embodying the forgetful yet lovable Dory, shares her personal connection: “Playing Dory means the world to me — my grandma adored her, and now, I get to bring that same joy to others.” Chloe, participating behind the scenes, captures the essence of nostalgia by mentioning, “It’s wild to think this movie came out before I was even born!”

Bruce the Charismatic Shark

Holden steals the spotlight with his portrayal of Bruce, the shark with an appetite for friendship over fish. “It’s this blend of menacing and hilarious that makes Bruce such a fun character to play,” Holden recounts, reflecting on his experiences since joining KVTA in 2017.

Celebrating KVTA’s 60th Season Amidst the Waves of Theater

A series of upcoming productions light up our town’s cultural scene, with special mention to “The Hello Girls” and comedic enthrallment courtesy of Pat Thomas Sulo. They highlighted the current waves of collaboration, such as working with Sweet Street for unique candy bouquets for the cast. And Holden, right on the verge of stepping into adult roles, shares his eagerness for new opportunities.

The Treasures of Theatrical Teamwork

A true testament to the power of community and camaraderie is found in the rituals shared by the young cast members. “It’s about centering ourselves and creating a positive headspace before the curtains rise.”

The Magic of Performance

Courtney, whose history with KVTA has spanned more than a decade, brings up the sheer diversity of the show, with enchanting puppetry that brings a dynamic edge to the beloved sea creatures. And the cast debates which musical number takes the crown as the best, all while preparing for their underwater adventure.

Favorite Moments and Future Dreams

From talk of Disney favorites to the promise of on-stage roles, our guests and Jake cover the spectrum of theatrical experiences awaiting our Kankakee audience. The future shines bright, with productions like “Grease” and “Sweeney Todd” peaking over the horizon.

A Heartfelt Finale

We wrap up with heartfelt words from all our guests and a traditional “break a leg” to push them into a sea of success. “This show is a chance to reconnect with childhood wonder and embrace the power of community theater,” Jake bids us farewell with a touch of sentimentality.

A Community Connected by Creativity

This episode of the Kankakee Podcast illuminates the power of storytelling and the binding force of artistic expression within our community. From the heartwarming tale of “Finding Nemo Jr.” to the passion of local actors and crew, we celebrate the creativity that thrives in Kankakee County.

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Until we cast the net on our next local gem, this is Jake LaMore, cheering on our stars and reminding everyone to keep sharing the stories that unite us all. Here’s to the next spotlight from the heart of Kankakee County!

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