#141: Scott Seaton: The Man Behind 5,500 Home Inspections

Hello Kankakee County and intrepid listeners from all over! Buckle up as we dive into an episode brimming with wisdom, inspiration, and a few nail-biting moments. I’m thrilled to share with you the gritty and incredibly personal journey of a man who’s seen the ins and outs—quite literally—of homes and health.

Here’s the lowdown on today’s engaging conversation!

The Real Deal of Home Inspection

Scott Seaton isn’t your typical guest; he’s a seasoned home inspector renowned for not only his expertise but also his collection of unbelievable tales. Launching his career in 2007, this man knows a thing or two about what lies behind the walls of Kankakee’s dwellings. Starting off with a bang, Scott reminisced about his first inspection dilemma, “I found myself with a semi-trailer situation and no paycheck at the end!” A rough start but a seed planted for the 5,500 inspections to follow.

A Life-Changing Diagnosis

Our chat took a sobering turn as Scott delved into the gripping account of his heart health scare—an encounter that nearly cost him everything. Revealing the genesis of his medical odyssey, Scott recounted, “Waking up with crushing chest pain was my unmissable wake-up call.” It’s a harrowing wake-up call that led him to a life-altering path of wellness after a recommendation from his daughter, “She challenged me to watch ‘Forks over Knives,’ and just like that, 12 years of vegetarian life kicked off.”

Behind the Scenes with a Home Inspector

Ever wondered what happens during a home inspection? Scott spelled it out, clarifying that inspectors are there to observe and report, not dictate your real estate decisions. He even shed light on a comical predicament, “I once wrangled an 85-page report. Just imagine the gems buried in that house!” If that doesn’t pique your curiosity, what will?

Safety Comes First in This Home (Inspector’s) Story

Safety tips aren’t just for homeowners; they became the cornerstone of Scott’s personal narrative. A vivid recollection of his heart attack ushers in a reminder of how precious health is. Scott detailed his agonizing ride to the hospital, “Nitroglycerin, baby aspirin, and a shot of morphine—I went through the whole ordeal, still fixated on the pain.” A stark cautionary tale for all of us to heed the signs of our bodies.

Closing Thoughts and the Heartbeat of a Community

Wrapping up a session that could very well fill the pages of a dramatic novel, Scott left us with some heartfelt advice and an open invitation to anyone seeking a thorough home inspection. His faith in his lead inspector and the entire operation shines through as he emphasizes, “We’re using the same meticulous software!”

In summarization of our profound discussion, Scott imparted a laughter-filled yet poignant reflection, “Remember folks, attending inspections is crucial, but leave the kiddos at home—they’ll thank you later!”

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And remember: Keep an eye on those inspectors and an even closer watch on your heart’s condition—both are key to a well-maintained life!

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