#99: Honoring Local POW/MIA – Kankakee County Museum

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Episode 99:

I’m excited to share with you a special episode of the Kankakee Podcast that I recorded in collaboration with the Kankakee County Museum. The episode is all about Rolling Thunder, a national organization that raises awareness about the POW/MIA issue and helps veterans. During the annual Rhubarb Festival this Sunday, May 21st, a special ceremony for three soldiers who were missing in action in Vietnam and were residents of Kankakee County will take place. To learn more about this organization and the ceremony, I interviewed Dennis “LT”, a member of Rolling Thunder Illinois Chapter 1.

In the episode, Dennis shares the history of Rolling Thunder and its mission to help veterans and their families. We also discuss the efforts to recover remains of missing soldiers and provide closure for families. Dennis talks about his experience as a Vietnam veteran and the challenges he faced when he returned home. He also shares how organizations like Rolling Thunder helped him and other veterans cope with their experiences.

The interview concludes with Dennis expressing his gratitude towards the Kankakee County Museum and Veronica Featherston for their support in organizing the ceremony for the missing soldiers. He encourages people to attend the ceremony and learn about the meaning behind the POW/MIA table that will be displayed.

As Dennis says, “We can’t forget about our veterans, we can’t forget about our POW/MIA.” So, I encourage you to listen to this episode and attend the Rolling Thunder ceremony this Sunday, May 21st at the Rhubarb Festival on the grounds of the Kankakee County Museum.

Learn more about Rolling Thunder Chapter 1 and the Kankakee County Museum at the links below: 



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