#100: Meet the Mayor of Grant Park – Jamie Hawkins

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Episode 100:

In this episode of Kankakee Podcast’s “Meet the Mayor” series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jamie Hawkins, the first woman mayor of Grant Park. We discussed her background, including her experience as the first woman police officer at KCC and her journey to becoming mayor. We also talked about her experience working in law enforcement and her thoughts on police reform and mental health-related calls. Hawkins shared her plans to address complaints from residents in her town, including fixing poor road conditions and building a new walk path.

Thank you for giving me time out of your busy schedule to chat, Mayor Hawkins!

On another note, WE DID IT! We made it to 100 episodes of Kankakee Podcast! This would not have been possible without the support of our listeners, friends, family, patrons, and sponsors. Thank you all so much for helping us continue to grow and share the stories of Kankakee County!

Much Love,

Jake LaMore