Third Graders Struggling with Reading Proficiency – Kankakee Podcast News – 06/28/24

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Welcome back to Kankakee Podcast News, where we bring you the latest updates and stories shaping our community. Hosted by Jake LaMore, this week’s episode is packed with everything you need to know about what’s happening in and around Kankakee.

Highlights from This Episode:

  • Education Concerns: A recent report highlights a troubling issue in some Kankakee County schools, where third grade students are failing to meet reading proficiency standards. Learn about the community’s response and the efforts being made to address this critical educational challenge.
  • Local News Coverage: Stay informed with critical updates on recent events. We discuss the tragic incident of a man drowning in the Kankakee River and explore how the community is responding to this unfortunate event.
  • Community Events: Dive into the excitement of upcoming festivals like the Bourbonnais Friendship Festival and our weekly entertainment report brought to you by King Music on Broadway in Bradley.
  • Fireworks Displays: Don’t miss out on the spectacular fireworks displays happening across Kankakee County! Whether you’re planning to attend Kankakee’s show at Kankakee Community College, Aroma Park’s event, or Manteno’s display at the Sportsmen’s Club, find out where and when to catch these dazzling shows.

Special Announcement:

We’re excited to announce that Civil Engineer Neil Piggush of Piggush Engineering will be joining us on the podcast this Monday! Tune in for an exclusive interview where Neil will share insights into local infrastructure and development projects.

Thanks to Our Sponsors:

This episode is proudly sponsored by the Alkebulan History Center, Meineke Car Care, and King Music.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through our community’s stories. We look forward to keeping you informed and engaged with all that’s happening in Kankakee County.

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