Pembroke Incident and Bradley’s Tax Shift – Kankakee Podcast News – 05/31/24

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This week’s episode, hosted by Jake LaMore, is packed with crucial updates and intriguing stories from our community. Here are just a few headlines you can expect from this episode:

Shocking Incident in Pembroke Township

We start with a serious incident that has shaken Pembroke Township. For the full story, be sure to tune in.

New Tax Initiative in Bradley

Bradley has introduced a new tax that could impact local tourism and revenue. Find out what this means for our community by listening to this episode.

Major Expansion News in Manteno

Big changes are coming to Manteno with a significant new development. Discover what’s in store and how it might affect you.

Business Moves and Community Highlights

From exciting business openings to heartfelt community farewells, we’ve got the latest updates you need to hear. Don’t miss out on these local stories.

Must-Attend Local Events

Summer is here, and so are some fantastic events you won’t want to miss. Get the details on what’s happening around Kankakee this weekend and beyond.

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