Hear Mayor Curtis’s Re-Election Campaign Kick-Off in Full – Kankakee Podcast News Extra

This Kankakee Podcast News Extra is brought to you by Kankakee Edward Jones Financial Advisor, Adam Elroy

In This Episode:
Kankakee Mayor Chris Curtis announced his intentions to run for a second term on Tuesday, July 2nd. Curtis held his re-election campaign kickoff in the evening around 7pm at the corner of East Court Street and Saint Joseph Avenue in Kankakee. A diverse crowd of 75 to 100 people attended, with several prominent community leaders present. You’re about to hear the event in its entirety. The microphone Mayor Curtis and other speakers were using that night kept cutting in and out. That was something we could not control. Other than that, the speeches are mostly intact.

The primary election for the office of Kankakee Mayor will be February 25th, 2025 with the general election taking place April 1st, 2025. Currently, it is not known whether or not any other candidates have stepped forward to challenge Mayor Curtis in his re-election campaign.