Kankakee Podcast: Behind The Scenes #1: Matt Yeager

Hey! Welcome to the very first Kankakee Podcast: Behind The Scenes episode! Each week, I will be joined by my lovely girlfriend and Administrative Assistant, Lizzie Yolich, to talk about our takeaways from that week’s episode of Kankakee Podcast. We will also shed some light on things that are happening behind the scenes for the podcast. This is content and information that you ONLY get as a paying patron. 

On this first BTS episode, we talk about our thoughts on episode 35 of Kankakee Podcast with Matt Yeager. It may not be the last time you hear Matt Yeager on the podcast either! 


If you ever have an ideas, suggestions, complaints, etc., please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for your love and support! 


Much Love,

Jake LaMore