Episode 44: The Small Family – Kankakee County Museum

Dr. Small at right, Len at left holding infant grandson Len Howard, and in middle, Len’s son Leslie (father of Len Howard).

This Sunday, May 22nd, the Kankakee County Museum will be hosting their 32 Annual Rhubarb Festival from 10:00am until 4:00pm. One of the many things being celebrated that day includes the unveiling of the museum’s latest exhibit about The Small Family. Jack Klasey and Jorie Walters join us on this episode of Kankakee Podcast to give us an overview of why the Small Family is such a prominent name in our county’s history. 

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More on the Small Family:

Dr. A.L. Small purchased land in what is now West Kankakee in 1855, just two years after Kankakee County was established. Dr. Small began to operate a successful rhubarb growing operation among many other things including his practice of medicine. In 1903, Dr. Small’s son, Len, along with a group of investors bought the Kankakee Daily Times and renamed it the Kankakee Daily Republican. By 1913, Len Small assigned his son Leslie to help the Kankakee Daily Republican to get out of it’s financial crises. Leslie ended up liking his job at the newspaper so much that he stayed the rest of his life. That newspaper eventually became The Daily Journal and is still operated by the Small Family today. In 1921, Len Small was elected the 26th Governor of Illinois and served two terms. 

That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Small Family. Plan a visit to the Kankakee County Museum today to see the new exhibit!

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