Episode 42: Haylibug Lemonadez – Iva & Hayli Martenez

There aren’t many people in Kankakee County that can say an Illinois State Law is named after them but Hayli Martenez can! Hayli’s Law, which was signed into law on July 9th, 2021 by Governor J.B. Pritzker, states the Illinois Department of Public Health or any other local health department cannot regulate the sale of lemonade or nonalcoholic drinks by a person under age 16. Haylibug Lemonade Stand in Kankakee was started by Hayli and her Mom, Iva, in 2017. Local health department officials forced Hayli to close down her stand for lack of water and sewer services to their home, even though bottled water was being used to make the lemonade. As you may remember, Hayli & Iva fought back hard to reopen their stand. It became such a big story that it caught the eye of several Chicago TV stations and other major media outlets. 

Hayli & Iva even brought me a new flavor of Haylibug Lemonadez to try. We decided to call it, “Kankanade”. 

You can get a taste of Haylibug Lemonadez at the Kankakee Podcast 1 Year Anniversary Picnic on Sunday, May 15th at the Kankakee County Museum!

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