Episode 34: 10 Most Listened to Episodes of 2021

Here’s who made the cut for the 10 most listened to episodes of Kankakee Podcast in 2021! Did your favorite make the list? Listen to this episode to find out!

Special thank you to: Seth & Mary Burkey, Josh LaMore, Brianna Whittler, Franklin & Anna Weber, Dawn & Jim LaMore, Lizzie Yolich, Noble Dairy Queen Stores, KCC Foundation, Digital World Design, Kankakee City News, Kankakee County Museum, Veronica Featherston, Gorak’s Pest Control, Martial Arts Academy in Bradley, Brenda Whittler – Thirty One Consultant, Allison Ascher – Coldwell Banker Realty, All Automotive, all of our guests and most importantly, all the listeners! 

Here’s to a prosperous 2022!

Much Love,

Jake LaMore