Episode 2: Kankakee County Museum

The Kankakee County Museum Campus is beautiful. Especially in the spring when the trees are blooming or in the fall when the leaves are changing colors. It’s a hot spot for taking for photos. We’ve all done it, right? I know we once shot photos there for when my son turned 18 months old. How many of us have actually taken the time to go into the museum though? Not many if you ask me. I know I’m guilty of that. I didn’t step inside the doors of the Kankakee County Museum until March of 2021. I immediately felt regret that I hadn’t visited there sooner.

Once a month on Kankakee Podcast, we will be joined by staff members of the Kankakee County Museum to focus on a certain place, person, or topic in our county’s history. This first episode is merely an introduction and overview of what the museum has to offer. I can personally tell you there is more than meets the eye. Please welcome Executive Director, Veronica Featherston and Collections Assistant, Barbara Dubravec, to Kankakee Podcast.

Learn more at KankakeeCountyMuseum.com. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Much Love,

Jake LaMore