Episode 18: Darrell Damper – Comic Book Creator

Darrell Damper, creator of the Comic Book Series, “Hi-Top”. 

It never ceases to amaze me just how many talented people live here in Kankakee County. Another person to add to the list of incredible artists in Kankakee is comic book creator, Darrell Damper. I follow the Kankakee hashtag on Instagram and came across one of Darrell’s drawings one day. It was a drawing of his inaugural character named, Hi-Top, and I was thoroughly impressed. We ended up direct messaging each other and setting up a time to talk on Kankakee Podcast. What you’re going to learn on this episode is that Damper is a Navy veteran who was born in Omaha, Nebraska, lived most of his life in Kankakee, and finally made the leap to making his first comic book in his thirties. 

There are currently to two issues of “Hi-Top” out right now. They can be purchased in person at Dragon’s Refuge on Larry Power Road in Bourbonnais, The Horde Collectables and Gaming on Broadway in Bradley, or online at 4thsondesigns.com.

This Sunday, September 19th, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, Darrell will be at Horde Collectables and Gaming to celebrate the release of Hi Top’s second issue and to autograph copies. Everyone is welcome!

Much Love,

Jake LaMore