Episode 13: Nick Huffman – Beyond The Looney Bin

Nick Huffman at The Looney Bin in Bradley, IL.

I’m sure you know who Nick Huffman is or have at least heard his name. I feel like most of us have talked with close friends who have told us stories about Nick over the years. I’ve met Nick a few times over the last three years or so but it was always a handshake and hello. I’ve always wanted to get to know him better beyond the stories I’d hear about him. That opportunity came up last week when I sat down with Nick at his office inside The Looney Bin. I had no idea what I was in for. I learned things that gave me chills up and down my spine. It wasn’t all bone chilling stories though. There are plenty of heart warming stories to be heard in this episode as well.

Thank you Nick for being so open with me. I’m happy we finally met each other properly.

Much Love,

Jake LaMore

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