City of Kankakee Violence Prevention

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Kankakee Violence Prevention Meeting:

Last night on Thursday, March 30th, I attended a City of Kankakee Violence Prevention informational meeting at the train depot. I was there representing Milner Media Partners to write a news story for their radio stations, The Valley 92.7 FM and River Country 101.7 FM. After hearing Mayor Chris Curtis and Guest Speaker, Marcus Ellis, of Washington, D.C. talk about what needs to be done to combat violence in Kankakee, I thought maybe this would be a conversation you’d want to listen to.

Now, keep in mind the audio is a little subpar compared to what you’re used to hearing on Kankakee Podcast. I showed up to this meeting with my iPhone and a note pad with the intent to only use the audio for radio news broadcasts. I decided after the fact that you might want to hear this conversation. None of the less, the audio is mostly audible.

If you want to learn more about Kankakee’s Violence Prevention Program called, Kankakee United, go to

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Jake LaMore

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