Seussical Splendor: Behind the Scenes with KVTA’s Musical Extravaganza

Kankakee Podcast Dives into the Whimsical World of “Seussical” with KVTA

Hello, theater aficionados and Kankakee County friends! In today’s podcast episode, we’re whisked away into the fantastical realm of Dr. Seuss as the Kankakee Valley Theater Association (KVTA) prepares to stage Seussical the Musical. Join us as our very own Jake LaMore sits down with key cast and crew members to peel back the curtain on this Seuss-inspired extravaganza.

An Ensemble Like No Other: Meet the Cast of “Seussical”

The KVTA is bringing together an impressive large cast for Seussical, with ages ranging from seven to their fifties and numerous family units participating together. Our host Jake LaMore warmly welcomes returning guests Paula Sutter, Tyler McMahon, and first-timer Jared Nordin, who give us a peek into their experiences on this vibrant production.

“Paula Sutter shows usually like 80? She always says, ‘I’m only going to do, I promise I’m only going to do like 50.’ And then you look at the list and there’s at least 20 more to that,” Tyler jests about the typically large cast size under Paula’s direction.

Paula clarifies with a laugh, “The most I’ve had was 70, so…”

The Magic of “Seussical”: A Kaleidoscope of Dr. Seuss Classics

Seuss’ colorful and kooky narrative comes to life in Seussical, as Paula elaborates, “It’s a combination of a lot of books.” Tyler, touted as the “aficionado of all things theater,” chimes in by explaining how the story integrates notable tales like “Horton Hears a Who” and “Horton Hatches the Egg,” with playful nods to a wealth of other Seuss classics.

A Narrator Like No Other: The Cat in the Hat’s Mischievous Role

With Jared taking on the role of The Cat in the Hat, Jake probes into how he embodies the character’s chaotic charm. “He is just like an agent of chaos,” Jared remarks. Paula attests to Jared’s comedic prowess, adding, “He has very good sense of humor and timing… He just is a natural for it.”

Directing a Musical Onslaught: Paula Sutter’s 30th Show Challenge

Paula expresses that directing a musical with virtually no dialogue and constant music presented a novel challenge, different from her past 29 shows. “I’ve never done that,” Paula states, embracing the complexity of staging such a constantly moving production.

For the Love of the Craft: Tyler’s Approach to Horton

Tyler sheds light on his role as Horton, sharing that it’s different from his typical characters. “Horton really doesn’t…have a lot of comedy,” he says, expressing excitement for singing Horton’s songs and finding unique ways to add his own comedic flair.

“I don’t read music, so it’s hard for me to… I have to follow along just from hearing.” Despite this hurdle, Paula’s passion and vision for Seussical shine bright.

KVTA Despite the Curtain: Upcoming Shows and Fundraisers

Not forgetting KVTA’s community impact, Paula teases upcoming events, including a fundraiser featuring comedian Pat Tomasulo from WGN on May 18 and the summer show Hello Girls, telling a true WWI story.

Conclusion: Tune In to the Seussian Spectacle!

This episode of the Kankakee Podcast has been a celebration of whimsy and community theater at its finest. As Jake says, “It seems to… yeah,” the energy and dedication of KVTA to Seussical promise a show not to be missed.

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Signing off, this is Jake LaMore, filled with excitement for our local arts scene. Stay tuned for more tales from Kankakee County’s creative corridors!

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