#97: Friends of Langham Island

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Episode 97:

The Kankakee River is known to every resident of the county, however not too many people know that the river itself contains a hidden gem called, Langham Island.

Langham Island is a 20 acre island that sits near the State Park, and is home to one of Illinois’ native flowers, the Kankakee Mallow. I’m joined by Trevor Edmondson, John Sullivan, Molly Bilderback-Ulrich, and Steve Bohan of The Friends of Langham Island as we discuss what it takes to care for the island, and why it is so important to keep the Kankakee Mallow and Langham Island thriving on this episode of Kankakee Podcast

I learned so much from this fine group of people. This episode is definitely going to be added to my favorites list. Thank you again to Trevor, John, Molly, and Steve for being on the podcast!

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Jake LaMore

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