#82: Bri Haug of Electric Lady Lounge inks Jake with a Kankakee tattoo

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Episode 82:

A few weeks ago we announced Bri Haug of Electric Lady Lounge in Kankakee was going to tattoo me while I interviewed her for Kankakee Podcast. We let you vote on three different Kankakee inspired tattoo designs that Bri crafted. The design with the most votes was the one to be inked on me during the episode recording.

The choices were:

1. Shapiro Clock Tower.

2. State of Illinois Outline with the Kankakee River, train bridge, and dam inside of it.

3. Lupe Carroll’s handwritten lyrics from the Kankakee Podcast Theme Song, “This river carries on.”.

Over 260 votes were cast within a week. Thank you so much to everyone who voted!

So, which design do you think had the most votes? You’ll have to listen and or watch to find out!

Special thank you to Bri for making this collaboration possible, The Daily Journal, and my Fiancee, Lizzie, for the extra help.

Learn more about Bri and her sister Ari at https://www.electricladytattoo.com/.

Much Love,

Jake LaMore

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