#75: Gougar’s Grove – Kankakee County Museum


From 1883 to about 1915, Gougar’s Grove dominated the tourism industry in the Kankakee area. It was a beautifully wooded picnic area located about two miles upstream from Kankakee, just south of Baker’s Creek. Gougar’s Grove had several attractions to lure people in for miles around including a beach, shooting gallery, bowling alley, merry-go-round, dancing pavilion and more. The Grove was owned and operated by Captain William T. Gougar. Captain Cougar would shuttle people to his getaway grove on his steamboats, The Minnie Lillie and Margaret, starting at Schuyler Avenue and River Street in Kankakee. Jack Klasey of the Kankakee County Museum joins us on this episode of Kankakee Podcast to tell us all about Captain Billy and his Grove.

The 44th Annual Gallery of Trees is now open at the Kankakee County Museum until December 30th!

Learn more at https://www.kankakeecountymuseum.com/.


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Also on this episode is our latest installment of KCC Success Stories! This one features the Professor of Education at Kankakee Community College, Jessica Friedericks. 

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