#157: From Blueprints to Reality: Civil Engineering with Neil Piggush

Hello, Kankakee County and beyond! Today, we delve into the intricate world of infrastructure development with a man who has played a pivotal role in shaping our cityscape—Neil Piggush, Piggush Engineering. From navigating the complex maze of funding and regulations to restoring historic buildings and improving traffic flow, Neil’s story is a testament to dedication and vision in civil engineering.

Behind the Scenes of Public Projects

Neil Piggush shares a riveting account of the intricate processes behind public projects, touching on aspects like design challenges, regulatory hurdles, and funding intricacies. One standout project involved moving seven endangered mussels due to state protection laws.

Key Funding Sources

Neil outlined various funding sources he has skillfully tapped into, including:

  • A $600,000 grant from IDNR
  • A $475,000 federal congressional directed spending grant
  • $250,000 from Patrick Joyce
  • $500,000 from CVB

A CTap grant

“Grant writing has become increasingly competitive over time; what used to take a couple of days now often takes months,” Neil revealed, highlighting the significant effort involved in securing these funds.

Transforming Kankakee: One Project at a Time

Among several notable projects, Neil mentions the Hobby Avenue project, which faced unique challenges, including coordinating with utility companies to move their facilities at no cost. Other ongoing projects include a sidewalk undertaking at Beckman Park and a road project at the intersection of Eagle and River to address drainage issues.

Dreaming Big for Kankakee

When asked about his dream projects, Neil passionately spoke about the need for reconstructing the intersection at 102 and Route 45 and considering a roundabout for the three-way intersection at Olivet and Dairy Queen. He emphasizes the importance of designing infrastructure that people will actively use.

A Legacy in Construction

Neil’s journey into engineering was influenced heavily by his early exposure to construction, thanks to his father’s business, PSI Construction. This background instilled in him a resilient work ethic and a keen interest in infrastructure development. “I realized early on that construction, while rewarding, wasn’t my calling. Civil engineering offered a broader scope for making community-wide impacts,” Neil explained.

Navigating the Political Landscape

The episode doesn’t shy away from discussing the political aspects of Neil’s work. He shares his experiences dealing with public opinions, misconceptions, and the importance of better public understanding of government functions. “More informational sessions could bridge the gap between government bodies and citizens,” Neil suggested.

The Road Ahead

Neil Piggush also highlights ongoing efforts to enhance intersections in Iroquois County and the complexities of large-scale projects, like the reconstruction of the route 312 interchange in collaboration with IDOT. Despite the challenges, Neil remains optimistic about Kankakee’s future potential, inspired by the city’s proactive fiscal strategies and visionary leadership.

A Visionary in Action

Neil Piggush’s contributions weave through the very fabric of Kankakee’s infrastructure, demonstrating the power of dedication and a forward-thinking approach in civil engineering. His work not only improves our day-to-day life but also paves the way for a safer, more efficient, and aesthetically pleasing cityscape.

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