#143: Finding Balance: Amy Kemp Talks Women, Careers, and Community

Hello, Kankakee County and readers everywhere! In this episode of the Kankakee Podcast we’re sharing a conversation with local author Amy Kemp, who gives us an inside look at her writing journey and the value of recognizing our natural talents.

A Story of Synergy in Publishing

Amy Kemp’s book – “I See You” – wouldn’t be what it is without the colorful contributions from our local creatives. From the striking cover photo to the behind-the-scenes beauty touches, it’s a Kankakee collective achievement.

The Written Gift That Keeps Giving

Amy speaks of the concept of ‘natural genius’ with passion, urging us all, “Don’t discount what comes easily to you – that’s your hidden superpower.” The pages of her book, “I See You”, reflect this ethos, gently guiding readers to discover their own strengths.

Save the Date for Insight and Inspiration

Get ready for June 7th at the majestic—a chance to delve into Amy’s thoughts and celebrate her work with friends. Don’t miss out on the group discount for a thought-provoking evening!

A Community Effort Echoes in Every Chapter

As they discussed Amy’s book, Jake remarked, “Recording the audiobook brought the emotions of the words to life. The energy was tangible.” Local voices add depth, making each copy of “I See You” an extension of our collective narrative.

A Message That Sees and Empowers

Amy details her mission in writing “I See You”, touching on themes many face but few discuss—celebrating the unseen who hold our communities together. It’s a book aimed at visibility and validation, for readers from all walks of life.

Parting Thoughts: Kankakee’s Shared Journey

The Kankakee Podcast is proud to spotlight tales that resonate deeply with our local heartbeat.

So, that wraps up this heartfelt episode. Make sure to pick up “I See You” and join us for more from Amy Kemp. Subscribe to the Kankakee Podcast for narratives that bring us closer, and consider supporting us on Patreon.

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