#142: Nina Epstein, Kankakee’s First Female Mayor Reflects on Leadership

In this episode we dive deep into the life and legacy of Nina Epstein, whose story isn’t just one of political ascension, but of a lifelong dedication to our Kankakee community. Join us as we unravel the narrative of an unexpected political figure who left an indelible mark on the city’s history.

From Public Relations to Public Office: The Nina Epstein Journey

Our latest episode touches on the transformation of a dedicated public relations figure for our school district into a political powerhouse within our city. Nina Epstein, an English major with no initial interest in politics, transcended the typical career trajectory when she stepped up to serve as an alderman and then, against all personal expectations, as our mayor for eight consecutive years.

Politics Without the Noise

Our host Jake and esteemed guest Nina Epstein, delve into Nina’s political beginnings and the challenges she faced. Jake expresses a common sentiment about the “noise” in politics, a view that Nina understands all too well. Yet, despite this, Nina found a passion for the legislative process and civic responsibility.

A Vision for Community Revitalization

Throughout the conversation, Nina reflects on the tough decisions faced when managing city affairs, from property taxes to sales tax disagreements with the Chicago metropolis. Nina and Lupe highlight the shared community burdens, emphasizing their advocacy for a collaborative approach to tax exemption challenges and the need for equitable development across Kankakee.

Breaking Barriers and Embracing Change

The dialogue takes a turn as Nina talks about her role in breaking barriers, shattering glass ceilings during Women’s History Month, and the importance of competence over visibility. The conversation underscores the significance of embracing continuous learning and staying connected to the evolving narrative of their beloved Kankakee.

Legacy and Gratitude: A Fond Look Back

As Nina and Jake reminisce about their contributions and projects, such as the renowned music festival they helped establish and the infrastructure leaps made under their tenure, it’s evident that their efforts were rooted in a love for the city. They reflect on the importance of elections, the strenuous yet rewarding nature of public service, and the impact of their work on present-day Kankakee.

In Summary: A Hometown Hero’s Perspective

Before signing off, Nina imparts words of wisdom about trust in leadership, the indispensable role of a supportive community, and the value of safeguarding the future through prudent financial planning—a message that resonates well beyond the bounds of politics.

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