#123: From Farm Life to Community Leadership: Dr. Michael Boyd’s Inspiring Journey

In this episode of the Kankakee Podcast, we had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Michael Boyd, the President of Kankakee Community College (KCC). Dr. Boyd, who hails from a farm family, brings a unique perspective and unwavering commitment to the progress of Kankakee County. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in shaping the educational landscape and the economic development of the region.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the key insights shared by Dr. Boyd, highlighting his journey, the challenges he’s faced, and his plans for the future.

From Farm Life to Educational Leadership

Dr. Boyd’s journey from a farm family to the President of Kankakee Community College is nothing short of inspiring. He emphasizes the importance of building a strong community, and his personal background has undoubtedly contributed to his passion for nurturing growth and resilience within Kankakee County.

Economic Development and Community Building

One of the central themes of our conversation with Dr. Boyd is the role of Kankakee Community College in driving economic development in the region. Dr. Boyd discusses the importance of international trade and the interdependence between Kankakee County and the global market. His insights reveal the need for a balanced approach to economic growth that doesn’t compromise the environment or community well-being.

Addressing Concerns and Finding Solutions

Dr. Boyd doesn’t shy away from addressing concerns about potential hazards and waste disposal associated with new industries coming to the region. He emphasizes that all industries, including the emerging ones, are subject to strict regulations and standards. To make informed decisions, he encourages critical thinking and a holistic view of the risks associated with different aspects of daily life.

KCC’s Role in Empowering Students

As the President of Kankakee Community College, Dr. Boyd’s primary focus is on providing students with access to family-sustaining careers. He believes that KCC can play a pivotal role in offering affordable education and connecting students with job opportunities in Kankakee County. His commitment to creating family-sustaining career pathways is a testament to his dedication to the community’s growth.

The Future of Kankakee County

In our conversation, Dr. Boyd hints at exciting developments in KCC’s curriculum, including new programs in computer science and biopharmaceuticals. These additions are poised to align KCC’s offerings with industry standards and provide students with cutting-edge education that prepares them for lucrative and stable careers.


Dr. Michael Boyd’s leadership and vision are driving positive changes in Kankakee County. His journey from farm life to educational leadership serves as a source of inspiration, and his commitment to community building and economic development is evident in every aspect of his work. Kankakee Community College is not just an institution of learning; it’s a force for positive transformation.

In this episode of the Kankakee Podcast, we’ve uncovered valuable insights into Dr. Boyd’s plans for Kankakee County’s future, highlighting the role of KCC in empowering students and ensuring the region’s growth and prosperity. As the community continues to evolve, Dr. Boyd remains dedicated to creating a stronger and more resilient Kankakee County.

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