#114: Josh Humphries, Hotter Than June

On this episode of the Kankakee Podcast, Jake sits down with Josh Humphries, a member of the alternative rock band ‘Hotter Than June.’ Josh takes us on a journey through the band’s history, from its inception in 2005, their disbandment in 2008, and finally their eventual reunion just last year.

Discover how ‘Hotter Than June’ found its way back together after a group chat message sparked conversations that led to the group’s revival. Josh shares insights into the band’s evolving sound, their songwriting process, and offers a glimpse into their upcoming music release. The conversation touches on the band’s transformation over the years and the creative processes that shape their distinct sound.

As they wrap up, they dive into nostalgia, trading stories from the local music scene in the 2000s. The episode concludes with a special acoustic performance of the song Sweet Revenge by Josh. Tune in for an inside look at the band’s journey and their exciting future.

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About Our Guest

Formed in 2005 in Bradley, Hotter Than June burst onto the music scene with fast success. However the band decided to take different paths in 2008, putting down roots and starting families. However, the music never truly left their hearts.

Last summer, the band reconnected virtually, which eventually led to the band’s reformation. Despite physical distances and busy lives, they have found new ways to create music, fueled by a shared passion for their craft.

Hotter Than June is now back with a fresh sound that reflects their personal and musical growth. Their latest single, “Sweet Revenge,” delves into life experiences, showcasing their evolved approach. This entirely DIY, virtual band showcases the joy of making and sharing music with the world. As they gear up for their first album release in 15 years, Hotter Than June invites you to join them on their musical journey.

Be sure to listen to Sweet Revenge and Glass Water Pill Swallow available on all music streaming platforms!

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