Lupe Carroll almost played for Justin Bieber

When local singer/songwriter Lupe Carroll was on Kankakee Podcast in June of 2021, he told us SO many incredible stories. Including how he almost met and played for Justin Bieber.

Once a year Lupe spends a week performing for guests at a luxury ranch resort in Missoula, Montana. It’s called, The Resort at Paws Up. I’ve seen him post several pictures of it on Instagram. It’s a beautiful place.

Excerpt from Kankakee Podcast Episode 6 with Lupe Carroll:

“I was just sitting around the fire drinking some scotch with the general manager of the place the night before and he asked me, “Lupe, how would you feel about playing for the Biebs?”.

And I said, “I’m sorry. What now?”

“I had a few little cups of this guy’s scotch and I’m feeling good enough to tell the general manager how I really felt about playing for Justin Bieber.”

“How would you feel about playing for Justin Bieber?”, the General Manager asks.

“I can answer you on how I really feel?”, asks Lupe.

“Yeah, yeah!”, says the General Manager.

“I’d rather not.”, Answered Lupe.

Lupe Laughing now: “So he gives me this look like he respects that but also a look that says, “If we send you to play for Justin Bieber, you’re going to play for Justin Bieber.”

The next day following that conversation Lupe had with the general manager, he WAS sent to the camp where Justin Bieber was believed to be staying at. Lupe arrived at the campsite expecting to see Bieber but instead was met with the surprise that Academy Award Winning Actress, Jennifer Lawrence, was staying there. Lupe didn’t end up performing for Lawrence that night but did say she was very nice.

Listen to the full episode of Kankakee Podcast with Lupe Carroll HERE.