Jake Lee: Kankakee’s First County-Wide Elected African American Auditor

Hello and welcome black! This week’s Black History Month feature is going to be spotlighting Kankakee County Auditor, Jake Lee.

Before Jake Lee became Kankakee’s first county-wide elected African American auditor, he held many different roles. As we learned from his conversation in episode 16 of Kankakee Podcast, Jake is a Navy veteran, father, multi-degree holder, was once the safety director of a trucking company, and was even ordained at the age of 18. 

Jake Lee’s story is deeply rooted in both the county and his relationship with his faith. Jake grew up in Hopkins Park and although he has since moved away from that area, he is still a frequent visitor as his family currently owns property in Hopkins Park. Jake also shares many anecdotes related to his experiences participating in church-related activities as a child and teenager. In fact, Jake reveals that as a youngster, he hoped to grow up to be a preacher.

Jake Lee’s episode is one of the more informative pieces that have appeared on the Podcast as we learn about Jake’s role as auditor and his contributions to the community. It’s definitely worth a listen if you are interested in learning more about the operations of local government.

Thank you for your service, Jake, and for all you do for our community. We are truly blessed to have a resident as dedicated as you. 

Also, as a side note, can we all agree that Jake Lee has the most contagious laugh?

Lizzie Yolich
Administrative Assistant
Kankakee Podcast